“Hailed as the most effective fat burning and cellulite reduction treatment to come on the market” by the UK media, it’s the natural and sustainable way to achieve fast weight loss, in as little as 4 weeks.

Your about to find out the secret the European ladies have been keeping to help their bodies stay toned and cellulite free...and it's now finally here at RISE | Juice + Fitness!  The "L250 Training Machine" combines a revolutionary technology that alternates high and low vacuum pressure with an anaerobic cycling exercise to help target fat in those areas which just won’t budge. The low impact 30 minute train is safe, pain free and completely natural – helping your body to tap into stubborn fat stores while you work out. Clients can lose up to 24-30 centimeters (10 inches)  from their problem areas in 12 sessions – this is about 25% faster results found in conventional exercise alone.


L250 Trainer

Jacqueline Dovgalyuk, M.D.

January 2014

”This has been an amazing way for me to get back in shape post-baby. I lost 17 cm and 8 lbs. after 6 sessions! Nichole is an excellent trainer and so easy to work with. All you Brentwood/Nashville people should check it out! I highly recommend Nicker's Secret Training Machine!"

Jodie Sutherland

31 Cosmopolitan Bride, Extreme Bridal Makeovers

October 2012

“Helped me drop a dress size in 5-weeks. I'd lost 5-6 kilos (11-13 lbs) in total, 32.5 cm all over."

Jane Worthington

Health Edition, Women's Day

November 2012

Cellulite Buster Rating 9/10

"Great for fat and cellulite. After going three times a week for four weeks, I had lost 2 kg (4.5 lbs) and a total of 32.5 cm off my waist, tummy, and hips without doing any other exercise. There were still minor traces of cellulite, but for a girl who spends her beach days in board shorts, I was thrilled."

OK! Magazine

November 2012

"I found the cycling portion challenging, but never strenuous. I was really happy with my results - I actually lost a total of 23 cm off those stubborn areas such as my stomach, hips and thighs."